Coworking Counsel works with: 

  • Commercial Landlords.   
  • Property Developers.   
  • Portfolio and Asset Managers.   
  • Coworking Operators.

Coworking Counsel Facilitates the Establishment of:

  • Coworking.   
  • Flexspace.   
  • Partnership Agreements.

Why Coworking Counsel

USP - Unrivalled Expertise.

LEGACY - With 20+ Years of Senior Management Experience with the World's Largest and Most Successful Operators.

PROMISE - Provide a Proven Path to Success in the Dynamic World of Coworking, Ensuring Coworking Ventures Thrive.


Launch a Coworking Space - Guidance and recommendations from inception to operational excellence.

Engage in a Coworking Partnership - Facilitate coworking partnerships by offering model insights, guiding introductions to executed agreements.

Coworking Business Recovery - Identify underperforming areas and offer actionable guidance for improvement.

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