Coworking Partnerships

Coworking Counsel can help you navigate the complex world of co-working partnerships. 

Coworking Counsel Expertise Covers:

  • Site Feasibility: Comprehensive analysis including building, location, competition, market trends, product mix, revenue modelling, and action plan recommendations. 
  • Coworking Partnership models:  With expertise and insight, Coworking Counsel helps you navigate diverse partnership models, evaluating pros and cons. 
  • Partnership Identification: This process can be executed through an EOI initiative or by carefully selecting a few operators whose brand, values, objectives, and operational approaches align closely with yours.
  • Model Evaluation: Meticulous examination of potential return on investment across all coworking operator models offered.

  • Coworking Operator Selection: Guidance with navigating the final decision requires careful consideration and expertise to ensure alignment with your goals and priorities are met.

  • Partnership Execution: Provide understanding of clauses, profit share outcomes, reporting and penalties, with a focus on ensuring all coworking value adds are included.

Engage Coworking Counsel for comprehensive support across all service areas or customise your experience by focussing on specific areas where you require assistance.

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