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Riva Offices, Gold Coast, Queensland

Project Description: The client engaged Coworking Counsel to bring their coworking vision to fruition, from inception to operation.

Here's how we assisted:  We steered the project towards maximizing ROI while achieving cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art amenities, and an impressive al fresco cafe.  We collaborated with the agency to complete the branding process, engaged with the architect to ensure correct space allocation for maximum ROI, curated a product mix based on local demand, and seamlessly integrated all essential elements required to operate a thriving coworking flexspace venture.

73 Northbourne

73 Northbourne - Canberra, ACT

Project Description:  South Haven Investments faced a critical challenge when their key coworking tenant collapsed.

Here's how we assisted:  Responding swiftly, we visited the site and provided South Haven with comprehensive recommendations to optimise potential ROI. We also provided crucial steps to protect the current income stream at very short notice. To finalise we initiated the identification of a suitable partner for the site. 

42 Bowral Street

42 Bowral Street, Bowral NSW

Project Description:  Planet Health approached us to help make a crucial decision regarding their vacant building: whether to convert it into a coworking business.

Here's how we assisted: We visited the site and conducted a thorough site analysis. Our comprehensive assessment provided Planet Health with detailed insights into the feasibility of the conversion project. We meticulously outlined the recommended design and build changes necessary to optimise ROI and ensure the success of their potential coworking venture.  Ultimately Planet Health decided not to proceed with the project based on the findings.

Hexa Space - Box Hill, Melbourne

Project Description:  Hexa Group engaged Coworking Counsel to help them navigate the intricacies of establishing a coworking venture.

Here's how we assisted:  We reviewed the design and recommended changes for improved ROI. Oversaw project build to avoid unnecessary costly design elements and alterations. Introduced and collaborated with coworking industry specialists for IT, AV, interior design, and management platform services and seamlessly incorporated all other essential elements needed to establish and operate a successful coworking business.

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