Open a Coworking Space

Transform your co-working flexspace vision into a thriving reality with our expert guidance.

Coworking Counsel Expertise Covers:

  • Site Feasibility: Comprehensive analysis including building, location, competition, market trends, product mix, revenue modelling, and action plan recommendations. 
  • Design and Build: With your site feasibility report, space allocations, and financial modelling in hand, we begin the design process prioritising maximum ROI.
  • Procurement Advisory: Offering recommendations for all necessary purchases, including AV, furnishings, equipment, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Craft a distinctive USP that sets you up from the competition.
  • Recruitment and Training:  We ensure the right people through expert hiring, seamless onboarding, and training. Your coworking team is crucial to success.
  • Sales & Marketing: Expertise in coworking sales and marketing campaigns saves you from costly trial-and-error. We offer a detailed roadmap to ensure a bustling space from day one.
  • Management and Operations:  We recommend the best management platforms and tech stacks, which are pivotal for success. Our detailed SOPs ensure seamless operations from day one.
  • Final Tweaks and Launch: Attention to detail ensures your space is ready. A soft launch addresses issues early, while a grand opening event showcases your space.
Engage Coworking Counsel for comprehensive support across all service areas, or customise your experience by focussing on specific areas where you require assistance.

You'll be in great company

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